Audacity wind turbine

This is all the idea and work of James Ferguson -  A member of the SASP group - Thanks James


Watch the video and you can work out the rest





A question that has just come in :

I was wondering how the coil was connected to the computer ie what connectors you are using.


Can you give me the maplins code or name  of what is plugged into the usb port and what plug is comnnected to the coil.


My answer:

To be honesty I have no idea – it was all set up by the chap that made the video for me.

From what I recall, all he did was take a headphone jack and strip the wires off and then connect the standard coated wire the is used for the motor kits. The thing plugged into the laptop is just a headphone splitter and so I don’ t think it is needed.


I’ve no idea what possible damage you can do to the computer soundcard by this hotwiring straight in so all ay your own risk!