Speed of sound in air

Other versions are available, eg  here :http://www.cs4fn.org/physics/speedsound.php

This link comes from Ian Galloway who I seem to recall showed me this method a few years ago.


NOTE: newer versions of audacity have a sample count at the bottom rather than a timer. Annoying. Just set the sample rate to a multiple of 1000 and then convert from samples to seconds. Not ideal but works.


Measuring the Speed of Sound in Air Accurately for 99p


You need

1) A cheap pair of stereo headphones (spend more if you want but I don't care)

2) A computer with Audacity installed on it, it's free and GREAT

3) Something that can make a clear sharp noise. [I have found a metre ruler slapping on a desk is best]


What to do to get ready





Doing the Experiment














Photo of setup

SASP Physics group 2009/2010 

The chap on the right is James F who came up with the groovy wind turbine thing. 




Troubleshooting/some common problems