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Audacity Physics Homepage

Page history last edited by James de Winter 5 years, 8 months ago

Hi - This will be a work in progress but best to get it up and shared.

If anyone wants to contribute and have editing rights then please get in touch telling me who you are and i'll happily upgrade you.


My only aim is to have one place where all the audacity ideas I have collected are put in one place so please moderate your expectations accordingly

The origins of this site and materials came from sessions I ran as part of the SASP physics course at the Science Learning Centre East of England in 2009/2010.

Thanks to all the SASPers, in particular James F who have helped me come up with these ideas and then develop them


So - it started with a page entitled 99 Things to do with audacity which seemed a little hopeful at the time.

The original list is below and then each entry will link to another page with more details where appropriate.


PLEASE contact me with your ideas and I will add them (or let you)




As a global Sound resource the SEP materials are great here and have some of what follows described in them.

SEP has transmogrified recently and so it is all now on the National STEM Centre website HERE

Audacity have their own - Audacity in Education Wiki

A recent article from Physics Education: Demonstrating sound with music production software David Keeports 2010 Phys. Educ. 45 243 



Perhaps 99 is a bit hopeful

(and some of these are ideas that need playing with) 

but .....


  1. Speed of sound in air
  2. Speed of sound through a lab table 
  3. Speed of sound through a metal rod (that 'singing' one)
  4. Speed of sound through jelly (I will do it one day, honest)
  5. Measuring time interval between bounces of a ball
  6. Measuring speed of dropping magnet in a burette tube ( I think that there is a Physics Ed article on this somewhere, I'll go looking)
  7. rolling a spherical neomagnet down a ramp and measuring speed
  8. Measuring speed of ball bearings fired by a Gaussian gun
  9. time period of a pendulum (neomagnet on a string)
  10. Seismograph (SEP kit)  -You need to buy the kit HERE but I guess you could make one. SEP link HERE but you do need to be logget in as an associate
  11. speed and acceleration of a toy car down a guttering ramp
  12. spherical neomagnet a roller coaster made of clear plastic tubing (speed, KE and GPE)
  13. conservation of momentum with neos stuck to mechanics trolleys/air track carts
  14. a working wind turbine, which is just the coolest thing and generate AC
  15. A2 Coursework - one of the students hit a metal rod holding it in the middle, then recorded the sound with audacity.  He then identified the harmonics.  he then supported the rod in 2 places and repeated it to get further harmonics
  16. BEATS
  17. Sampling MP3s at different rates to then hear differences and talk about digital and analogue. Also includes some spectral analysis stuff to compare WAV to MP3 as well as between different MP3 bitrates.
  18. White Noise and how different materials absorbing different frequencies


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